The Wrap Up


Day 9..........

This will be a post that I will do weekly to update everyone (and myself) of how everything is going with me trying to get back fit.

So, to start off, I worked out a little and ate a little healthy:

(Meals from Top, L to R: Chicken with Pasta and Cabbage, Taco Salad, Steak with Mac and Cheese, Shrimp Tacos, and Chicken and Cheesy Rice)

(Workouts from L to R: NTC App, SuperheroFitnessTV (YouTube), PopSugar Fitness (YouTube), and Dance Central (XBox))

But still have a lot of work to do..........

For one, I have to eat a lot better because the chocolate, pizza, hamburger, chocolate, fried everything, and everything bad be calling my name......and did I mention chocolate;

Oh.....and I forgot to weigh in this morning..............

Until Next Time,
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  1. I love cabbage! You can anything you want, but everything has to be in moderation. Exercise is definitely a plus.


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