Tips on Growing Strong and Long Nails


(My nails as of Today - July 2015)
Back in February, I cut my nails short due to be having my youngest daughter and having to do a lot of the newborn duties.  So, in March, I decided to grow my nails back out because I missed my long nails:

Now that they are back at a length that I am happy with, a lot of people ask me how to you grow them that long without them breaking.  So I decided to list some tips that I use to keep my nails strong and not breaking.

1. Limit the amount of stress on your nails:

Basically don't use your nails for very thing you do like opening things and etc.  One mistake that I use to do was using my nails as tools.....which lead to them breaking all time.

2. Use a Strengthening or use a base/top coat on your nails:

(Some of my favorites)
I use a Strengthening/Hardener for my base coat (I am loving the Sally Hansen "Hard as Wraps" right now) and use a top coat when I do my nails.  If I use polish, I use a strengthening base, polish, and then a top coat to keep my nails strong and from breaking.

3.  Water:

Water is so important to your health so you should know it is also important for your nails.

4. Vitamins/Supplements:

The main reason I take vitamins and supplements anyway is just to be healthy and to keep my hair growing and strong, but, I notice that they also help my nails to stay strong.  I notice if I don't take anything, my nails will become weak and brittle.

5. Keeping them polished:

(Sinful Colors "Blue Crushin)
Another way to protect my nails is to keep them polished.  I change my polish each week (with removing the old polish, filing, moisturize, and them re-polish them with the steps I explained in Step 2 above) to help as a barrier to things I do in everyday life.

6. Setting up a Nail Regime:

Like I explained in the previous step, I take a day each week (usually on Saturday or Sunday) to pamper my nails.  This includes, removing old polish, filing my nails, moisturizing my nails with hand cream or coconut oil, and adding new polish on my nails.

So that is pretty much what I do to keep my nails healthy, long, and strong.  I'm not for sure how long I am going to grow them but I will see.  I might want to get my Flo Jo on:


How do you keep your nails strong?

Until Next Time,

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