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Motivation is the Key........

Motivation is the reason that I decided to start this blog about my health and fitness journey.
When I was around 27 years old and after I had my first daughter, I weighed about 192 lbs.  It was the heaviest that I have ever weighed in all my life. So, to get back in shape, I exercised hard (6 days a week for a hour or two), did extreme calorie counting (restricting my calories to about 1500 a day), and restricted food that I loved.  It worked because I got down to 135 lbs but it didn't last long. Creeping back to bad habits, I didn't exercise as much as I use too, I stopped calorie counting, and went back eating the foods that I love (which of course were not healthy).  I didn't put back on the weight fast, maybe a pound or two here and there, but in 2014, I became pregnant with my second daughter and just let myself go........ate what I wanted and completely stopped exercising.

So now after 5 months since I delivered my baby girl, I stepped on the scale and decided to get back on track:

But this time, I am doing things different.  I am going to start back exercising but not going to the extreme like last time (maybe working out 4 to 5 days a week for 30 minutes), calorie counting (but not  restricting my calories like last time), and eating in moderation so I can still enjoy the foods that I like to eat.  I am using the blog as my journey of me getting back healthy and to help anyone possible that may be struggling like me.

And as you can see my the blog title, I will also discuss the other thing that I love.......Makeup and Beauty products.  I'm not a professional by any means but I do like talking about it.....sometimes......okay, all the time:

I hope you stick around to see my journey and other rambles.

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