Food Finds: Naked Chia Juice Smoothies


Naked Juice Fruit and Vegetable smoothies has been on the marked for a few years with rejoice of many fans that can grab a healthy pre-made fruit/vegetable smoothie on the go and easy to find in any store. As it was promoted healthy, it came under controversy in 2013 when their owner PepsiCo announced that the "healthy" smoothie was not all natural which lead to many lawsuits for the company (Please click this article link to read more about the controversy).

With all that being said, I still enjoyed some of their smoothies throughout the years (with some of my favorites being "Berry Blast" and "Red Machine").  When I was shopping at Target a few weeks ago, I noticed there were two new flavors, "Chia Cherry Lime" and "Chia Sweet Peach":

What attracted me to try it out was the flavors and also because it had Chia seeds in it.  I have been reading about the benefits about Chia seeds but never had a chance to try it (and this was the perfect opportunity).  Here is a little info on the benefits of Chia seeds and you can add it to almost anything:

Now back to the smoothies, both tasted really good but my favorite out of the two was the "Chia Cherry Lime".  The Chia seeds didn't have any type of flavor to me but you can feel them in your mouth.  The smoothies are thick and as I mentioned above, they actually taste pretty good and also taste like what is mentioned in the ingredients:

Now to the I mentioned, this is not an "All Natural" drink and depending of where you purchase this from, it can range from $2.50 to $4.00 a bottle.  With what you paying for one bottle, you can just buy the ingredients separate and make it at home (more bang for your buck mentality) and you are guarantee that your smoothie will be all natural.

So for my final opinion, they are, for me, a great tasting smoothie that you can grab on the go if you are out and about (and healthier than a soda) and don't have to time to make your own smoothie at home.  If you are a vegan or into foods/drinks that are "all natural" or organic, this is not the smoothie for you.  I would recommend that you would make your own personal smoothie with the ingredients or find another store brand fruit smoothie that is all natural or organic.

Have you tried the Naked Chia Juice Smoothies?  What are your thoughts?

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  1. I've tried the Naked juices before but these are new to me! They seem pretty tasty!!

    1. Yeah these are pretty good.....I know those Naked Juices can be a hit or a miss with me.


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