The Wrap Up


Day 19..........

Lately, I have been really concentrating on eating balanced meals but really haven't been working out a lot. I haven't really been restricting the things that I love but I just using the moderation rule when it comes to my meals.....eating what I love, just in smaller portions and eating more fruits and vegetables:

(From Top L to R: Watermelon, Turkey Chili, Lay's Chips, and NTC App)
(And just a quick review on the new Lay's Flavored Chips.....The Southern Biscuit and Gravy Chips are the BOMB!!!!!!!!  I was actually surprised that I would like these chips (because when I saw the flavor of the chips, I just assumed it would be nasty.....foolish of me).  It has more of a sausage gravy flavor than it does biscuit but it's pretty dang good.  Next up, I will let you know about the West Coast Truffle Fries chips in a future blog.  Okay, now back to the subject.................................)

(From Top to Bottom: Onion and Sour Cream Roasted Potatoes with Mac and Cheese, Chicken Strips with Loaded Mashed Potatoes)

The only workout that I have done has been the NTC app but I plan on doing more exercises in these next couple of weeks.  Oh, and I can say that I lost a couple of pounds:

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