YouTube Fitness Channels that you should Follow


If you're looking for free workouts that you can do in the comfort of your home and have a computer or a device that can connect to YouTube, here are some of my picks of people that I love that provides a great workout routine:

FitnessBlender (Click Here for YouTube Channel):


They provide full body workouts that range from 5 minutes to over a hour that works every inch of your body.  They have workouts that pinpoint current areas of our body (Upper Body, Lower Body, Abs, Arms, and etc.) and they also provide low impact workouts for if your are just starting out or unable to do certain moves due to previous injuries.  The biggest thing is that they provide all of this for.........FREE!!!!!!!!!

Keaira LaShae AKA SuperheroFitnessTV (Click Here for YouTube Channel):

Keaira is one of my favorites that I am subscribe to on YouTube.  She makes the workouts fun by incorporating a mix of dance and fitness.  She also provides excellent food and exercise advice for people who are starting their fitness journey and also does 30 days challenges which includes her workouts and food plan:

Hang Tight With MarC (Click Here for YouTube Channel):

MarC provides great exercise that you can do at home or in the gym.  She breaks down all of her moves and also shows the correct and safe form of each one of her exercise moves.  She also provides great healthy food recipes with simple ingredients:

The Fitness Marshall (Click Here for YouTube Channel):

If you love to dance then Caleb is the man for you.  His workouts consist of hip hop dance routines that will give you a great calorie burn while you are having fun while doing it.  His routines are kind of fast but he does the routine a couple of times so you can catch on pretty quick:

Who are some Fitness YouTubers that you follow?

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