In the Kitchen with E: Oven Roasted Potatoes


(Missing from Picture - "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, Olive Oil)
Here is another easy recipe that you can try if you are making a side dish with your main meal.  I tried to make this a lower calorie dish compared to mashed potatoes, so I hope you enjoy it.

Ingredients (For 1 Serving)

- 1 Small Red Potato (or 1 Small Regular Potato)
- 2 Tbsp of Olive Oil or 1 Tbsp of Butter
- 1 Tsp of Parsley Flakes
- 1 Tsp of Seasoning (you can use whatever seasoning you like)
- 1 Tbsp of Garlic Powder

First, I set the oven for 350 degrees and then spread the butter over a glass baking dish.  I then rinsed and diced up the potatoes and added them to my glass dish.  After I added the potatoes, I then added the parsley and the seasoning and used a spoon to mix it all together:

I placed it into the oven and baked it for about 25 minutes.  After 25 minutes, I took it out and stirred it around to make sure everything was seasoned and cooked evenly.  I placed the potatoes back in the oven for an additional 12 minutes and after that, the potatoes were done:

(I served the potatoes with some Shrimp)
The calories per 1 serving:

Enjoy :)

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  1. Those look yummy!! I'll have to try this out the next time I make potatoes as a side!! Thanks for sharing!!


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