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**If you missed my review on the Nike Training Club (NTC) app, please click HERE**

Since I have been getting back in shape, one big thing that has helped me with my journey are different Health and Fitness Apps that I use on a daily basis..........

I use a range of apps for my food, exercises, water, and music.  Here are some of my top fitness apps that I use:


The main one that I use just about everyday is the MyFitnessPal app.  I use this app as my food diary to keep up of what I am eating, the nutritional information, and to help me with my weight loss goals.  This app is easy to use for logging in your food with simply adding the food item or scanning the bar code on the actual food product.  You can use the preset goals of how many pounds that you would like to lose/gain or you can create your own.  It also has a great community where you can add your friends (if they are using MFP or you can send them a request to join) or add other people in the MFP community to help support you with your goals.  You can use this app strictly just for logging in your food or you can use this also as a food and exercise diary.  You can also use this app with other amazing fitness and health apps that can connect with MFP. The great thing about MFP is that if you don't use phone/tablet apps, you can also access this by using your personal computer.

Calorie King:

This is another great app to use along with my MFP app.  I mostly use this app on the go because it has a great restaurant and fast food category that list the nutrition information for most places.  For example, if I go out to McDonalds, I can open up this app and look up the nutrition information for most items that is listed on their menu so I can choose the most healthiest option.

Apple Health App:

This app is very useful if you have the iPhone and you will automatically have this app if you purchased the iPhone - with iOS 8 or higher (I'm not for sure if there is some type of Health app for the Android type phones but if it is, please let me know).  I use this app to keep up with my daily steps (which can to used along with MFP), walking distance, flights climbed, weight, and calories (I keep up with this information on days that I don't workout).  You can also use this app to track your sleep hours, vitals, body measurements and etc.  There are a lot of health and fitness apps to will link up with this Health app so you can get all of your health information in one place.


I use this app for just one keep up with my water intake.  You can set up your water goals and set reminders for you to drink water.  This app also links up with MFP and Fitbit which will automatically update your water intake info with those apps.  After so many ounces, a reward will pop up for you if you want to accept it (it's usually some type of coupon for a company.....if you want it, just give it your e-mail address and it will send the coupon to your e-mail).

Nike Training Club (NTC):

I did a in depth review on this app, so check it out when you have a chance and to read up on how this app works.  I use this app on the days that I exercise at home and they have a big library of workouts which range from cardio to strength training.

Nike Running:

(Sorry, I had to black out my cousin information.....didn't want to put his information out there without his permission)
Another Nike app that I use is the Nike Running App.  I use this app when I'm at the Gym on a treadmill or when I am walking at the park.  I wanted to really use this app when I walk/jog at the park but it has been so hot in Texas.  Hopefully, I can use this more during the fall season when the temperature goes down a bit.  This app uses your GPS to track your pace and distance and it also has fun challenges that you can do personally or with your friends.  Like the NTC app, you can set up a program, a coach, and find friends to help you with your running goals.


And my last pick is really not a health and fitness app but it's a great tool that you can use with many of your fitness apps..........Spotify.  With myself and most people, music can really help push and motivate you throughout your workout.  Spotify is great to use because you can create your own playlist, listen to any album, or listen to many pre-made Spotify workout playlist.  They also just started a Running option with music that is designed to be tuned to your tempo with many playlist.  If you want to use Spotify for free, you can but there will be commericals (ads) and you every playlist and album that you listen to is under the "Shuffle Play".  If you want to upgrade to the premium, it $9.99 a months with no ads, unlimited skips, listen offline, and etc.

That was my about you??????

What Health and Fitness Apps that you like?

Until Next Time,
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  1. I have Nike Training Club. I used to use it so much and then I started slacking off. I'll have to check out the other apps!


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