September Favorites


Today is the last day of September and I wanted to share a couple of products that I have been loving this past month..........

First let's start off with Makeup:

These two have been in heavy rotation and I just LOOOOVVVVEEEE them so much.  The Becca primer has been a God send for my oily skin and I use the BH Illuminating and Bronzing Palette for everything.....eyeshadow, highlighting, bronzing, and etc.

Please check out my previous reviews for these two products here: Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector and BH Cosmetics Baked Illuminating and Bronzing Palette.

The second on my favorite list is two hair products.........Eden BodyWorks Pudding Souffle and the ElastaQP Olive oil & Mango Butter Growth Oil.  When I use both of the products together, I get some of the best twistouts and my hair is so moisturize.  I use the Pudding Souffle as a styler and a moisturizing product and I use the oil to seal in the the moisture (and also to oil my scalp).

Please check out my previous review for the Pudding Souffle: Eden BodyWorks All Natural Pudding Souffle.

Next up, Fragrances:

It's the Bath and Body Works "Sweet on Paris" body spray and the "Rogue" by Rihanna perfume.  I have the body spray for awhile but I decided to pull it back out to use this month and almost forgot why I loved the smell so much.  I love any fragrance that is sweet so this body spray was an home run in that department.  I also been loving the perfume by Rihanna that is pretty amazing.  This one, for me a has a nice floral smell which last all day but it's not a off putting.

Of course I can't have a favorite's list without mentioning anything about food.  One thing that I have been loving are these sweet yogurts from Yoplait.  I have really been loving the Cookies and Cream, Caramel, and Chocolate flavors.  This is a great snack to have to help me with my sugar tooth and they are pretty cheap.

And my last favorite:

My last pick for my favorite of this month is the MyFitnessPal app.  This helps me so much with keeping me on track with my calorie intake and to track the nutrition information of everything I am eating.

Please check out my previous review on the MyFitnessPal app by clicking here:  My Top Fitness Apps.

"What are some of your favorite products for the month of September?"

Until Next Time,
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  1. Great favorites!! I'm still trying out the sample size of the Becca primer.

  2. Let me know how you like the primer......I know that I love it.


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