The Wrap Up 10-22-15


So.......what's been going on with me?

Well, I had a hellish last week dealing with a really bad cold.  With that being said, I didn't exercise and ate everything in sight..........

But before that crazy week, I did have a couple of days were I did put in a little work and was cooking up some home meals:

Also last week was my husband birthday so I had a little energy to bake up some "Norte Dame Fighting Irish" cupcakes for him (and my daughter.....the cupcakes with the sprinkles were hers):

Oh.....and did I mentioned I ate up a lot of cupcakes too............

Now back to the present week, I have been doing really well with using MFP for tracking my calories, exercising, and again, back in my kitchen cooking my meals:

I will do my monthly weigh in during the final week of October and will always keep everyone updated with my fitness journey.

Until Next Time,

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