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I am a product junkie..........

Which means that I am always buying and trying out new hair products.  What I usually do, when I use up a hair product, I will go out and buy another product to try out to see how I like it.  So these are the products that I have been using for the last couple of months for my natural hair.

First up, let's discuss what I have been using for my hair wash routine:

I have been washing my hair every two weeks (to remove an build up) with the Creme of Nature "Argan Oil Sulfate-Free" Shampoo.  It leaves my hair soft but clean and doesn't feel like my hair has been stripped of moisture.  I follow up with that with the Herbal Essence "The Sleeker, The Butter" Conditioner.  I use this both as my conditioner and leave in conditioner since it really leaves my hair very soft and I can detangle my hair pretty smooth.  In between washing my hair with shampoo, I use the Pantene "Truly Natural" Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner to gently clean my hair.  I deep condition my hair every two weeks with the Shea Moisture "Strengthen, Grow, & Restore Treatment" masque (one of my October Favorites).  This is my holy grail product because this makes my hair so soft and I believe it helps keep my hair moisturized and strong.

Next up, Oils:

I use oil on my hair to help seal in moisture and to add shine to my hair.  I use the coconut oil on days after I wash and condition my hair due to it being so light and to seal in the leave in conditioner (I use the LOC method).  Throughout the week, I use the ElastaQP "Olive Oil & Mango Butter" Growth Oil (September Favorite) to oil my scalp and to use when I untwist my two strand twist.

Third, products that I use as moisturizers and stylers:

After I use oil to seal in the moisture on my wash days, I will use the Elasta "Olive Oil & Mango Butter" Moisturizer (Another September Favorite) to use to twist up my hair and for extra moisture.  I also use the Camille Rose Naturals "Almond Jai" Twisting Butter (Another October Favorite) and Eden BodyWorks "Coconut Shea" All-Natural Pudding Souffle (My Review) also to twist or braid up my hair:

(Left: Twist Out using ElastaQP Olive and Mango Butter Moisturizer, Right: Twist Out using Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Pudding Souffle)
Last hair products..........Gels:

I really don't use Gels a lot since I don't wear Wash n' Go's so I don't buy a lot of them.  The three that I own I use for 3 different reasons.  The Murray's "Loc-Lock" Gel I use for mini twist or twist that I'm going to wear for a couple of weeks to a month (To see my review on Murray's, please click HERE).  It keeps my hair from getting frizzy fast and has a great hold.  The Smooth N' Shine "Argan Power" gel is for when I wear my hair in an updo or a bun.  This product also keeps my hair from getting frizzy and doesn't leave my hair crunchy or hard:

(Updo Style)
The last product from the same company, the "Edge Smoothing Pomade", I use only for my edges.  This is strictly for edge control and fly aways.

For a bonus.....let me quickly talk about two products that I use for Heat Styling and Protection:

These two products I only use when I do any heat styling (flat iron, blow drying, and etc.).  I use the Tresemme Leave In Spray when I blow dry my hair and the IC Heat Protector Straightening Serum when I flat iron my hair (If you need tips on Straightening your Natural Hair, please click HERE):

(Braid Out on Straighten Hair)
I hope you enjoyed this information :)

What Hair Products are you currently enjoying?

Until Next Time,

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  1. You are not alone, I am a product junkie too lol!! I love the Almond Jai butter!! I haven't tried the Pantene cowash yet but heard great things about. Great hair routine!!


    1. Thank you and let me know if you try the Pantene Cowash and how you like it.


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