Vicks SmartTemp Wireless Smartphone Thermometer Review


**Please note that this product will only work if you have a smartphone if you want the exact digital body temperature reading**

I recently received a new thermometer by Vicks courtesy of Influenster that works with a smartphone (my iPhone).  It's called the Vicks Smart Temp Wireless Smartphone Thermometer that tracks your temperature on your smartphone through Bluetooth technology.

Information from Vicks:

The Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer and free downloadable app make it easy to take and track temperature readings for the entire family.  The thermometer uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to your smartphone delivering the large digital readout on your phone screen.

SmartTemp App Features:

Individualized profiles: track and store each family member's temperatures over time.

Set up reminders: to recall last reading time or medicine dosage.

Symptom Tracker: keeps a record of symptoms as they occur.

The Vicks thermometer is about the size of an normal thermometer and lightweight.  The top part of the thermometer is large due the location of the battery and also where the bluetooth signal/light are located.  The on and off switch is located at the very top of the thermometer and this product also comes with a manual:

As I stated before, the only way that you can use this particular thermometer is to have some type of smartphone (compatible with iOS 7.0 (iPhone 4S and newer) and Android (4.3 and newer) phones) to get an accurate digital temperature reading.    I downloaded the free app at the App Store on my iPhone 6:

Once the app was downloaded, I opened the app and began the process of setting up the bluetooth with my phone, the app, and thermometer (make sure that your bluetooth is on while using this app)

**After I turned on my bluetooth on my phone, I just followed the steps of setting up my thermometer to my phone by following the directions from the app**:

After the thermometer is set up with your phone, the light will turn from Red to Green:

Once you have the app open, you can set up multiple profiles, keep an history of temperatures, set up reminders, and etc.  I decided to jump ahead and take my temperature and it gives you some options of how you want to take your temperature:

For this demo, I used the oral option (because I'm sure y'all didn't want to read about an rectal demo, LOL) and took about 8 to 10 seconds for the app the read my temperature from the thermometer:

Overall, I do like the thermometer and the idea of using technology to keep a log of your temperatures.  Since I have two young daughters, I love the idea that I can set up a profile for them and keep an history of their temperatures so I can keep track of their wellness.  I also like the idea of setting up the reminders to keep track of actually taking your temperature and how I am about to contact Tech Support through the app if I have any issues.

Some cons that I see with this app is the same reason that I like this app.....the technology.  If you don't have a smartphone or if your phone is dead/or experiencing problems, there is no other way to receive an accurate body temperature reading.  Using it without the app will only use colors (Green (98.6), Yellow (99.5), and Red (101.3)) to give you a range of the body temperature but not the exact temperature reading.  Another problem that may occur is the battery.  When I received the product, the battery was already at 81%:

I say that this maybe a problem because I'm not for sure how much by using the app with the thermometer will drain the battery......but again, this probably will not be a problem if you are not using this everyday.

I do recommend this to anyone who would love to get a fast thermometer reading and also love using their smartphones.  I can see myself reaching for this since I can set up profiles for all of my family members and get an fast temperature reading which will keep it in my history.

The Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer cost between $22 - $30 depending on the store.

For for information about Vicks, please visit their website.

**I received these products from Influenster complimentary for testing purposes.  For more information about Influenster, please click HERE**

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