The Wrap Up 12.9.2015


Well, well, well..........I'm finally updating you all with my fitness journey..........

So let me just put it out there.....I have been sucking, LOL.

No eating NOTHING..........

I have just been hiding from focusing on my goals and doing whatever I want to do....which means eating whatever and being lazy:

(This is me hiding from my goals)
But hey, when I fall down, I just dust myself off and try again....and again....and again:

I can at least show some of my good eats and 2 workouts, some of my workouts from November:

I also have some short and long term goals that I want to share with you guys in the upcoming weeks and also want to start some fitness challenges on here (let me know if you are interested).

LET'S GET IT!!!!!!!!!!

Until Next Time,

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