5K/10K Training Weekly Update


I am officially in week 2 of my 5K/10K training and I have to say that my first week went pretty well and fast..........

For my training, I have been using two apps together to help me along with my running.  I use the Fitness22 10K Runner App to set up my running schedule and plan.  Right now, my runs are 30 minutes (warmup, alternate runs/walks, cooldown) and I run 3 days a week.  I also use the Nike Running App to keep up with my distance, pace, and time.  Using both of these apps together and at the same time, really helps me push towards my goal and to keep up on my times:

(Nike Training App)
(Fitness22 10K Runner App)
For my runs, I usually hit the local trail at a nearby park on sunny days but I had to hit up the gym treadmill for one workout due to one day when it was raining:

Outside of running, I have been making healthier food choices when it comes to my meals and have cut out eating out so much fast food and added more home cooked meals:

Another tool that I have been using in my training and over all fitness journey is my new FitBit One:

I received this as a gift from my mom and I am loving this so far.  I use this along with MyFitnessPal to track what I have been eating, my steps, sleep, and how many calories I burn throughout the day.

With all my new tools, healthier eating choices and running, I was able to lose 6 pounds:

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