My 2016 Fitness Goals


2016 is officially here and to kick off my year in the right start, I came up with some fitness goals that I want to accomplish by the end of the year..........

1st Goal:  To lose 23 pounds (Goal Weight: 165 lbs)

I did my 1st weigh in for 2016 and here is where I stand as of today.........

Yep....I'm 188 lbs.  My goal last year was to hit my goal weight but I didn't do hit that at all:

(Complete Fail.....Thumbs down, LOL - Source)
Oh well, I'm not mad but I'm just more determined to get it done.

2nd Goal:  To run my first 5K race

This is something that I have been wanting to do for awhile.  I have been in 5K races before, but I always ended up walking the whole thing.  So, for my goal this year, I want to pick a race and run the entire thing.  To get started, I purchased the Fitness22 10K runner app from the Apple App store to help me train for a 5K and 10K.  I am also using my Nike Running App (I talked about this app in my "Top Fitness Apps" post) to keep up with my runs in between my training:

(Nike Running App) 
(Fitness22 10K Runner App)
(My first run/training of 2016)
And ladies and gentlemen, that's it!  I keeping it pretty simple this year with just 2 goals because I want to make sure not to over do it and it I complete these goals early, I can easily just make some more goals.  I will try to do weekly (or monthly) updates to let everyone know how my training is going and I want to do monthly weigh ins to document my weight loss.

If I add anymore goals throughout this year, I will add them to my "Goals and Journey" page that you can access at the top of my blog.

What are your Fitness Goals for 2016?

Until Next Time,

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  1. I just need to get back in the gym or something soon! I recently did the Spartan Race and it was tough but I liked it. Great fitness goals!!


    1. I always wanted to try a race like that but have been a scaredy cat, LOL. I might add that to my list of goals this year.


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