The Acne Diary Series: Clean Makeup Brushes


I am going to start a new series on my blog called "The Acne Diary Series".  To give a little background on my acne condition, I have always had acne since puberty (I would say around 13 years old) and now it has transitioned into adult acne.  I have kept it under control pretty well over the years but last year, it took a turn for the worse..........

I made some changes during the last few months to finally get my acne back under control and to clear up my acne scarring.  I wanted to keep you all updated on how everything is going with my acne journey and different methods that I use to help keep my face clear.

The first method is keeping my makeup brushes clean:

(Dirty Brushes)
One thing that has helped me with keeping my skin clear is to only use clean makeup brushes when I apply my makeup.  I will admit that I am lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes which is why I have so many of them.  When I have built up a collection of dirty brushes, I usually pick a day during the week to clean them.  My method is pretty easy and I only use one product.......Bar Soap.  Right now, I am using the SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Shea Butter soap but I have also used Dove Soap:

(I have previous talked about this particular soap in my Daily Skin Routine post - click HERE) 

The reason I like using this particular soap (or the Dove soap) is that I feel that it really deep clean my brushes without over drying them.

So the first step with cleaning my brushes is to take my brush and run it under warm water:

(My dirty powder brush)

After I wet the brush, I rub it on the bar soap and swish it around until it builds up a lather:

Once the lather is built up, I then swish it around my hand to make sure I remove all the makeup from the brush:

Once all the makeup is removed, I squeeze the excess water from the brush, place it on a towel - facing down, so it can dry (I let them dry for 24 hours):

(Clean Brush)

If you have oily, acne prone skin like me, it is especially important that you clean your makeup brushes and apply your makeup with CLEAN BRUSHES ONLY!!!!!!!!! By doing this, it will help keep acne breakouts down and cleaning your brushes removes:

-Old Makeup

Stay tuned for more from this series :)

"What is your method of keeping your makeup brushes clean?"

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Flo Jo

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  1. For me I used baby shampoo for cleaning my brushes. Thank you for sharing this post! Washing brushes is so important!

    Makeup Brush Set

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog......Baby shampoo is also an amazing way for cleaning brushes. I use to sneak some of my daughter's shampoo for them, LOL.


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