Dove Dry Spray Deodorant Review


Today I will be reviewing the Dove Dry Spray "Cool Essentials" Antiperspirant Deodorant.  I received this product from Influenster as part of their Target Dry Spray VoxBox campaign. When I first started to use the spray, I was very nervous because I have had bad reactions to deodorant sprays in the past..........

I usually use deodorant gel sticks because my underarm area is very sensitive and the gel deodorants works best for my skin.  So when I used the Dove Dry Spray, I was surprised of how well it worked for my skin.  According to Dove:

"Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant delivers all the care 
of Dove in a spray that goes on instantly dry. It leaves your 
skin soft and smooth and protects you for 48 hours."

The spray comes in a 3.8 oz can and it is suppose to last up to 8 weeks.  The spray applies the product very light and it does dry pretty fast (it didn't leave my underarm wet at all).  It has a very fresh and pleasant scent and didn't stain my clothes. It also didn't leave any white residue and dried clear. To truly put this to the test, I would use this spray before I would go on my morning runs or morning workouts to see how well it would hold up:

I have to say that this is a great spray.  It held up during my workouts and my underarms didn't have a musty smell to them.  I also used this after I shower after my workouts just to see how it would work for the whole day, and again, I don't have any complaints.  But the best thing for me is that I didn't experience any type of irritation from using this product which is a major factor when I use deodorants.  It kept me fresh and it didn't feel dry to my skin.  So I would recommend this product to anyone, especially if your underarms have sensitive skin like me (and they also have a "Sensitive Skin" version of this spray which I am going to pick up in the future):

You can purchase the Dove Dry Spray at Target for $5.49.


As part of the Target Dry Spray VoxBox Campaign, they also sent the Dove Men + Care Dry Spray so I let my husband try it out to see how he would like it:

His verdict: He said that he liked the spray but admits that he hasn't used it when he workouts......he only used it on days when he didn't hit the gym.

For more information about Dove, please check out their website (click HERE).

**I received these products from Influenster complimentary for testing purposes. For more information about Influenster, please click HERE**
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