Fitness Haul 3.16.16


Today's haul will feature some products that I received and bought that is all fitness related...........

First, let's start off with some tank tops that I bought for really great prices:

I got the "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" shirt from Walmart for $7.99 and this automatically put me in the 90's Puff Daddy mode, LOL.  Next, I got the "Strong is the New Skinny" and the "Gym Hair Don't Care" shirt from Ross for $6.99 a piece.  What I liked about these particular tank tops was the motivation/fitness message and since it's about to warm up in Texas, these will keep me very cool and the shirts are not heavy.

Next, I picked up some tights that are very light and fitting:

I got the pinkish blue capri tights from Walmart for $2.99 and I picked up both the Blue-Gray pants from Ross for $9.99 each.

Next up, I picked up some sport bras:

The top, blue sport bra I picked up at Ross for $6.99.  I purchased the bottom, black and white sport bra at Target for a discounted price of $10.20.  The original price was $16.99 but I had a coupon provided to me by Influenster for their "C9 at Target VirtualVox" campaign.  I love the colors of the sport bras (my favorite color is blue) and they are both very comfortable and supportive.

One thing that I was really looking for was a armband for my phone:

When I upgraded to my iPhone 6, I couldn't use my old armband because it was made to fit the iPhone 4 type.  So I was very happy that I found a armband for my current phone and will make my runs a little bit more comfortable (usually, I put my phone in my pocket during my runs......).  I found this particular armband at Marshalls for $7.99.

The next purchase was actually made by my husband as a gift to me :)

These are the Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes and these shoes are the BOMB!!!!!!  I have already use these shoes when I go running and they are so comfortable and light.  If you are a runner, I definitely recommend these shoes.

And last thing I purchased was a notebook from Marshalls:

This notebook was on sale for just $4.00 and I planned to use this as a fitness diary, workout logs, setting goals, and etc.

So, this is the end of my fitness haul and I really wanted to show that you can get great products and clothes that didn't break the bank and can be easy to find.  If you have any recommendations of where you purchase fitness related items for cheap, please let me know in the comments below............

Have you recently purchased something fitness related?

**I received the C9 Sports Bra for a discount price from Influenster for testing purposes. For more information about Influenster, please click HERE**
Until Next Time,

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