The Wrap Up: 10K Training Update (Week 6-7)


Sorry I have been MIA for awhile..........I have been busy with everyday life but that hasn't stopped me from my 10K training..........

So let me start off with some personal awards that I have achieved:

1st: I received the "3K Runner Badge" on the Fitness22 App:

2nd: I set my "Fastest 5K Run" on my Nike Running App:

3rd: I can finally run for 25 minutes without having to stop and start walking:

I'm still doing Cize and Cardio Kickboxing in between my runs to help with my running endurance and also just to keep my body in shape.  Food wise, I'm still cooking at home (with a little of eating out also) but I couldn't keep up with one of my March goals........"No Meat Challenge":

I will be back with my week 8 and 9 update in the next couple of weeks, so be on the look out.............

Until Next Time,

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