1st Impression: Jessup Pro Makeup Brushes Review (Sonia Kashuk Style)


For today's 1st Impression review, I will be discussing the Jessup Beauty Cosmetics Pro Makeup Brush Set that I purchased from Ebay.........

Sonia Kashuk released her 15th Anniversary Makeup Brush Set at Target a couple of years ago (2014) and it was a big hit:

(Sonia Kashuk Brushes)
This brush set was never in stock at my local Target because it was always sold out and I really can't remember the reason I never purchased them online (through Target).  I always wanted this brush set because of the colors and the very pretty style of the brushes.  Now when I try to find them on Ebay, the prices are doubled or tripled the original price ($39.99) and I wasn't willing to buy them at that price:

While I was searching for the Sonia Kashuk brushes, I came across a dupe for this brush set made by Jessup Beauty Cosmetics:

I purchased the 15 piece set for $23.98 from Ebay seller MissKingdom001, who is certified by Jessup Beauty Cosmetics to sell their brushes.  They ship out of China (which cost a little cheaper, but the shipping takes longer to receive the brushes) and the USA (which cost a little more, but the shipping is faster - I received my set in less than 5 days).

About Jessup Cosmetics:

"Jessup Trading HK Co., Limited was founded in 2013 and quickly grew into a well-known international cosmetics company. We focus on makeup tools. We are professional worldwide retail and wholesale company with our factory. We can accept order as requirement of customers ,too.

Jessup company's mission is supply high quality product, reasonable price, excellent customer service to every one who loves to makeup. No matter you are non professional or professional users."

They came in a plastic package with a Jessup Beauty Cosmetics card with information of how to wash and care for your brushes.  When I opened the package, the brushes had a paint/spray paint kind of smell to them but after I washed the brushes, the smell went away.  The brushes feel pretty sturdy and the hairs feel very soft (some brushes have synthetic hair and others have wool) and dense:

(Excuse my chipped polish, LOL)

I didn't experience any shedding while washing or using the brush and there was also no purple reside/dye that was left behind.  Here is the listing of the types of brushes:

(Source - picture from Ebay listing)
They also sell the same set in two other colors:

(L: Blue and Dark Green, R: Black and White)
I have an old set of Jessup Brushes (The Kabuki Set) that I purchased two years ago and they are still holding up strong.......so I hope these will last as well:

I recommend this brush up set if you are looking for a dupe of the Sonia Kashuk brush set or if you are just looking for a great set of brushes for a great price.

If you want to purchase this set or any other makeup brush set from Jessup Beauty Cosmetics, please check out MissKingdom001 Ebay shop for a large collection: "4 All Beauty Lady" - MissKingdom001

**Ebay has a lot of sellers who sells Jessup Makeup Brushes (who may sell them for a cheaper price).  If you search "Jessup Brushes" on Ebay, you should be able to see many brush sets that you may like.**

For more information about Jessup Beauty Cosmetics, please check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Until Next Time,

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  1. These look great! Nice comprehensive article, will definitely check these out, thank you.

  2. I wanted that brush set too but it was always sold out!! I think I will try out these brushes! Thanks for sharing!!


    1. Cool.....let me know how you like them if you get them.

  3. what about the blending heard its so soft hair and do not blend well

    1. I haven't had any problems with blending with using these brushes....hopefully, they will hold up.

  4. Very interesting blog! The makeup brushes looks great, and the color is perfect . Thanks for sharing !

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