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I was shopping at Super Target with my family picking up some groceries and found came across this candy that was for clearance..........

It was from a company called Free2B that made "Peanut Butter Like" milk chocolate cups.  At my local Target, they the Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Sun Cups in a 12 pack box.  I decided to pick up the milk chocolate version and it only cost me $7.34.  One thing that I noticed that it didn't wasn't made with peanut butter but it was nut free.  With these Sun Cups, they are:

-Tree Nut Free
-Peanut Free
-Wheat/Gluten Free
-Soy Free
-Egg Free
-Fish Free
-Shellfish Free
**Dairy Free Coming Soon per website**

According to Free2B:

"In 2008, we received a fateful knock on our door. A father, with a jar of sunflower seed butter in hand, presented us with a challenge: create a candy cup that his peanut-allergic son could enjoy. Our chocolatiers got to work, and soon after, the very first Sun Cups chocolate treat was born. We have since expanded to make a variety of allergen-friendly chocolate cups with bars on the way!"

INGREDIENTS: Milk Chocolate (Cocoa Mass*, Sugar, Cocoa Butter*, Organic Whole Milk Powder), Sunflower Seeds, Organic Powdered Sugar (Evaporated Cane Juice, Tapioca Starch), Organic Palm Fruit Oil**, Sea Salt.

In each package, it comes with 2 Sun Cups and they are the same size of a regular Reese's Peanut Butter cup.  The chocolate and the sun (sunflower) butter are very creamy and very tasty.  I have to say I was shocked of the flavor and was surprised how good it was.  It doesn't taste like peanut butter cups but the sweet sunflower and chocolate taste works perfect together:

These are a must try if you find them in a store (Target, Sprouts, Tom Thumb, and etc) and if you want to try something different from the typical peanut butter cup and want something a little more healthier.  This is also an excellent choice if you have a nut or food allergy that prevent you from enjoying these type of candies.  They also comes in other flavors that you may like:

For more information about Free2B, please check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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