The Acne Diary Series: Facial Mask


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I have always used a facial mask in my skincare routine, but since I was dealing with horrible breakouts late last year, I have stepped up my game with my routine..........

One of my favorite brands to use for facial mask is the many Freeman Beauty clay and peel off mask. What I love about them is that it is a great product that is cheap, easy to find, and works for my skin type (oily, acne prone).  I usually purchase them at Walgreens or Ulta for anywhere between $3.50 to $4.99.  They come in a 6 oz squeeze bottle and they have many products that range in many skin types (oily, dry, combo, and etc.).  They also leave my face feeling fresh and very clean and I have seen positive results with using their products.  I usually leave their mask on my face for about 20 minutes and the mask dries to a dry, tight finish:

Information about Freeman Beauty:

Freeman® Beauty is proof that beauty can be fun, fresh, frugal and flirty!

Since 1976, we’ve been making our beauty mark on the industry by infusing our formulas with amino acids and proteins for superior skin benefits! But we didn’t stop there: Our sensational facial mask sachets, sophisticated anti-aging formulas and year-round pedicure essentials have paved our way into the in the bathing routines of skin savvy women & men worldwide.

Freeman® Beauty has been making skin beautiful from head to toe for almost 40 years. With more than 75 products to choose from, it’s time you find your Freeman® Beauty fit!

I still use my facial mask every other night with alternating between each one.  These are the 3 facial clay mask that I use:

- The "Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask" for normal and combo skin

- The "Mint & Lemon Clay Mask" to control oil and breakouts

- The "Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask" for oily and combo skin

And the peel off mask that I use to remove my black heads around my nose and deep clean my pores:

I feel by using a facial mask, it helps prevents big breakouts and also keep my oil under control.  I usually use my facial mask at night with my night routine after I cleansed my face.  I'm a big fan of Freeman Beauty but if you are not, here are some other brands that you can try and are also cheap:

For more information about Freeman Beauty, please check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

I forgot to mention that I just finished up two of their products that I also love......I also recommend them if you can find them:

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