The Acne Diary Series: Acne Update


Since I started the "Acne Diary Series", one thing I forgot to share was my struggle from last year to where I am at with my acne today..........

Last year, I had the most horrible experience with acne that I had in my whole life.  Yes....I have always had acne but it was never this bad.  I decided to take charge of what was going on with my acne (I will reveal in a future post of what I use to clear my acne and also a change in a medication I was taking) and to get it back in control.

So for a quick update, here is where I started late last year (and also the worst):

(My Acne in October/November 2015)

And here is where I am at today:

(My Face as of May 2016)
I happy to have my face back clear and now my mission is to clear my acne scars and dark spots.  I still breakout with hormonal acne during that time of the month but nothing compares to how it use to be.  I will be updating everyone with my acne journey every couple of months to let you know how everything is going and if there is any setbacks.

If you missed any part of "The Acne Diary Series", please check it out below:

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Until Next Time,

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