The Wrap Up: 10K Training Update (Week 8)


Here is a little update on how my 10K training is going..........

Since my last update of my training, I actually took a week off from running (and any type of exercise period).  Didn't have a particular reason why I took a break (maybe I was just lazy) but I guess it was needed because I was ready to get back on it that following week........I just dusted myself off and started again:

So because I was rusty and the weather here in Texas has been a mixture of hot and rainy, I decided to just run on the treadmill at my apartment's gym to get my body back use to running and to avoid the rain:

While doing this, I have been adding some strength training to help build some muscle and to also help me with my endurance when running.  For 2 weeks, I have been running without using the Fitness22 10K Training app but this past week, I finally continued and finished week 8 of my 10K training:

(My runs for the month of May)

Finally completed week 8 of my 10K Training and earning my "5K Badge" (which means I can officially run a 5K without stopping or walking):

As for food, I have been eating a mixture of good and not so good things but here are some snaps of some things I have cooked (and a red velvet cheesecake, LOL):

Random Note: My Birthday was this past week (May 25th) and I am officially 33 years old.  I'm so blessed that God allowed me see another year...........

So shoutout of all of my readers who is celebrating their birthdays for the month of May and if you are Team Gemini......Let's get it:

Until Next Time,

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