The Acne Diary Series: Makeup Removal


**If you missed part 3 of my "The Acne Diary Series", please click HERE to check it out**

So if you have been keeping up with me with this series, you know what I have been discussing with things that I am doing and products that I have been using to clear up my acne.  Today, I want to discuss one of the most important routines that I do to help keep my skin clear.....Makeup Removal..........

On days that I wear makeup, I make sure to remove all of my makeup from my face before I go to bed.  I usually do this part before I do my nighttime cleansing routine just to remove the majority of my makeup.  For my oily, acne prone skin, this is especially important because this prevents my pores from being clogged and to reduce any type of irritation.  I also noticed when I remove all of my makeup, I have less pimples and breakouts.

I know a lot of people have many ways and use different products to remove their makeup, but I only use two products to remove my makeup from my entire face............Oil and Baby Wipes.  With doing this method, it is very simple and it actually gets the job done.

(My face with makeup)
I first start off with a couple of drops of Sweet Almond Oil or a teaspoon of Coconut Oil (I alternate between the two):

I gently massage the oil into my face, lips and eyes (I make sure to close my eyes so that the oil doesn't get into my actually eye) to breakup the makeup on my face.  Once the makeup is mixed with the oil, I use a baby wipe to remove the access oil from my face.  By doing this, it removes the oil and the makeup:

I usually do this method twice just to make sure all the makeup is gone.  After I remove the makeup, I continue on with my nighttime routine which includes of washing my face with a cleanser, using a toner, and etc. (I will post my daytime/nighttime routine in a future post):

(My face after my makeup was removed)
I usually use Almond Oil or Coconut Oil to remove my makeup but I have seen from other people that has used Olive Oil or cleansing oils that you can now buy at many stores.  The reason I love using this is because the oil can remove my foundation, eye makeup, and lipstick very quick and very easy.  I never have a oily residue after doing this and it also leaves my face soft and moisturize.  I also never had a bad reaction or a breakout from doing it this way.  Even if you are acne prone, I think this is a great method to use.

Next up on the series, I will share what products that I use for my daily morning and night routine so stay tuned..........

Until Next Time,

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