The Wrap Up: 10K Training Update (Week 9 and 10)


I finally received my charger so I can get back to my regular posting and what better way to come back by talking about my week 9-10 10K training..........

Let me say that these few months has been tough......running for longer distances and longer times has really push my body to the limit.  When I finished up week 9, I decided to take a break from the Fitness 22 Training Plan and concentrate more on interval training to help me with my endurance:

So for a few weeks, I worked on walking, running, and sprints intervals to help build up my speed and to help me not get tired on those 1 hour runs.  Most intervals that I used involved came from Pinterest and it really did help me in the long runs.  It also help me with controlling my breathing and fighting fatigue:

After my interval training, I started back my 10K Training and completed week 10 without any problems.  Also, on days that I didn't run, I added some of my Chalene Johnson's Turbo Fire and Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home workouts to keep up with my workouts and help me with my training/endurance:

(My Runs for June and July)
(Week 9 and 10 runs)
And just to add a little something new to these post, I want to share my music playlist that I use when I go running.  I am constantly changing it up so if you are interested in what I am listening too or if you want to add these songs to your playlist, here you go (For the last two months, my theme has been Trap Music):

I will update you all again in Week 11 and 12:

Until Next Time,

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