My Christmas Wish List 2016


With Christmas just around the corner, there are some Holiday makeup collections that I want to get my hands on and there are some items that are out now that I plan on picking up before the end of the year.  I also want to pick up some items to help me along my fitness journey as well..........

My Makeup and Beauty Wish List:

(Source: Juvia's Place "The Saharan" Palette Pic by Trendmood1 Instagram, MACXMariahCarey Pic by Trendmood1 Instagram, Lena Lashes "Lemonade" Highlighter Palette Pic by LashesbyLena Instagram , and Sonia Kashuk Brushes Pic by PJLovesPJ Instagram)
1. Juvia's Place "The Saharan" Eyeshadow Palette - I really loved their "The Masquerade" palette so much (one of my favorite purchases this year) so I was excited to hear that they were releasing another palette.  Rumor has it that this will be released at the end of this month or in December.  Hopefully I can get my hands on it (but I may wait a little like I did for the Masquerade palette because I know it will sell out fast once it will be release).

2. MAC's Mariah Carey Holiday Collection - I just want three things from this collection.......One of the eyeshadow palettes, the skinfinish (highlighter) powder and one of the lipglass.  This collection is a major upgrade from last year's and I LOVE the packaging.  I haven't been excited for a MAC collection since the Rihanna collection so hopefully, again, I will get a chance to grab something because I know this will sell out quick (This collection will be released in December).

3. Lena Lashes Lemonade Highlighter Palette - I know I don't need another highlighter palette but I just love the packaging and the shades of this palette.  This palette is actually out right now so I know I will be ordering it soon.

4. Sonia Kashuk Holiday 2016 Brush Collection - What attracted me to this collection was the design......I love the snake design.  This collection is also out right now at Target stores and online.  I have been on the hunt at my local Target stores to find this collection but I haven't seen it yet.  They do have it on sale online so I may go that route if I can't find it in stores.

Fitness Wish List:

(L to R: Apple Watch 2, FitBit Blaze, and FitBit Surge)
(L to R: Nike Running Belt and FlipBelt)
1. Smart Watch - I currently have a FitBit One but I want to upgrade to a watch so I can still connect it to FitBit (and MyFitnessPal) and also enjoy all the benefits of having a smart watch.  BUT....I also interested in the Apple Watch because I do have an iPhone with can be beneficial to my Health App but also can connect to MyFitnessPal.  One advantage the Apple Watch has over the FitBit watches is that it can connect to my Nike Running app (which I mainly use when I go for my runs/walks).  Don't know which one I will pick up but I have to the end of the year to decide.............

2. Running Belt - I am so tired of packing everything into my pockets or leaving it in my car when I go for my outdoor runs so I have been researching some running belts to hold all of my junk.  I haven't pinpoint the exact one I would like to purchase but two that I am interested in is the Nike Running Belt and the FlipBelt.

Well that is my Christmas Wish List for 2016.  I might not get everything that I have on my list but hopefully I can pick up a few or maybe the hubby will be reading this post **wink, wink**, LOL.

What is on your Holiday Wish List for this year?

Also, if you haven't already done so.......don't forget to vote today.  I participated in early voting so I already let my voice be heard but remember....."No Vote, No Voice":

Until Next Time,

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  1. Great wish list! Those brushes look really nice and so does that highlight palette!



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