2017 Fitness Goals


First off, I want to thank God for blessing me live another year.  Of course a lot of things happened that I didn't like (or didn't work hard enough to change) this year but the good sure did out weigh the bad..........

As for my fitness goals from this past year, I started off on fire but towards to end of the year......it came to a complete halt and just became lazy....barely working out at all:

(This is an example of me towards to end of my year with my fitness goals..........(Source))
Running stopped.....

Workout routine stopped.....

And don't get me started on junk food..........

(Here is another example of me eating a hamburger......(Source))
But I'm not going to let it get me down so I decided to just put in more focus on this upcoming year with a couple of goals that I set for myself:


1st Goal: Restart the 10K Running Training with using the Fitness22app program - I almost completed this program and almost was running up to 5 miles straight before I stopped......😡😡😡😡.....New Year goal - to complete the program.

(How I'm about to attack that treadmill in 2017........(Source))
2nd Goal: To start weekly planning my workout routine.  When I had a plan down, I stuck to it so I just purchase a planner (The Create 365 Happy Planner from Me & My Big Ideas with the Fitness extension included) to keep up with my workouts and my short term goals.

3rd Goal: By mid or late 2017, I want to run my first 5K......my plan was to do it this year but never say never.

I will have many mini goals in between but these are the major three that I want to complete this year. Coming up, I will post some things I will be using and doing to help along with my fitness goals and also a updated post with fitness apps that I will be using in 2017.

"What are your goals for 2017?"

Until Next Time,

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