Crochet Faux Locs (No Cornrows)


It's that time again for another protective style and this time it's all about Faux Locs.  I wanted to do a style that was easy to maintain and I just wanted to enjoy the overall look of having locs..........

A few years ago, I actually did the traditional faux locs style which I LOVED but is was time-consuming (braiding my hair with kanekalon hair for length and then wrapping the braid with Marley hair - which took me 2 days to do) and it was really heavy for my head.  So I avoided doing it again for some time but recently, I wanted to do the style again. I began to search for a different method that was easier and faster to do and ran across a beauty/hair YouTuber named Jazz Nicole:

Her method was GENIUS!!!!!!!!!  Less time.....Less Hair.....Less Stress..............

I decided to try her method to see how I would like it.

What I used:

-4 packs of Loc (1B - Black, Purple)
-Crochet Latch Hook
-Rattail Comb
-Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (for moisture)
-Eco-Styler Coconut Oil Gel (for hold)
-Hair Clips

On freshly washed hair, I detangled and placed my hair into 4 sections with plaits (to stretch my hair). Working in each section, I added mini braids - about 12 to 14 braids per section.

Next, I crochet the hair into my own hair and then tighten it at the root.  Once the loc was secure, I wrap the loc onto my braid to cover up my hair.  Honestly, I could have stop at the point because to me it looked fine as is but since I plan to wear these for a while, I took a small piece of Marley hair and wrap it along the roots of my hair:

I overall loved the way it came out and I also loved that it was lightweight.....not heavy at all.  It took me about 6 hours to do (but I am a slow braider) but this method is a lot faster for me than the traditional method.  I also like this method because I can't cornrow to save my life so this was made for people like me.  I plan to keep this in up to 6 to 8 weeks so I will do updates on Instagram (IG: @fitnessandlipstickblog) on how the hairstyle and also how the hair is holding up.  I definitely would say if you want to try faux locs, to try with this method if you want to do it on your own.  If I can do it.....I know you can do it.

Check out my YouTube video where I go more into details about the hairstyle and don't forget to subscribe for more updates 😉:

Have a great weekend everyone!


Eartha Kitt

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  1. I loved the faux locs when I had them last year, they lasted for 2 months. This seems pretty easy to do. Thanks for sharing!!


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