The Wrap Up: No Running? No Gym?


Since my last wrap up post, it has been a decline in my just came to a complete stop.  By the end of February, I stopped running all together..............

Now before you all start shaking your head at me, I still put in a little work at home with doing some exercising from YouTube videos.....a little bit.......

(Ok, you all can side eye me, LOL)
So for March, I'm finally going to work on my goals and stop being lazy.  With that said, I'm still not going running or going to the gym........just temporary..........

But this is due to my new piercing:

Yes, I recently got a daith piercing at the end of February and I also plan to get a tragus piercing next week in the same ear:

(Posted this just for reference)
Since my piercings are still in the healing stage (meaning I can't really touch it) and it's still sore to the touch, I can't wear any headphones or earbuds until the piercings are healed (or at least not sore). That means, I can't listen to my music while I'm running or at the gym, which for me, is a MUST!!!!!!!

The means I am switching all of my running/gym workouts to At-Home workouts until I can use my headphones again.  My plan is to use some of my Beachbody fitness DVD's since many come with various types of workouts.  I also plan to switch it up each week (doing a completely different program) so I won't get bored doing the same workouts.  So, here is my plan for March:

March 6th - 12th: Turbo Fire Week
March 13th - 19th: Les Mills Combat Week
March 20th - 26th: Core De Force Week
March 27th - April 2nd: Cize Week

(With rest days being on every Sunday)

If you would like to join me on this challenge (if you have the fitness sets), please join along and let me know in the comments.  I will also be doing weekly updates on my blog to let everyone know how the workouts are going and doing daily updates on my Instagram (@fitnessandlipstickblog):

Here is my workout plan for my Turbo Fire Week:

March 6th: Turbo Fire, Fire 30 Class
March 7th: Turbo Fire, Fire 45 Class
March 8th: Turbo Fire, HIIT 15 and Sculpt 30 Class
March 9th: Turbo Fire, Fire 55 EZ Class
March 10th: Turbo Fire, Fire 60 Class
March 11th: Turbo Fire, Fire 45 EZ Class

I have already knocked out the first two this week:

Again, if you want to join me with this challenge, just let me know so we can encourage each other.

What are your fitness goals for the month of March?

Until Next Time,

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