B.O.M.B: Juvia's Place The Zulu and Magic Palette Review


My name is Eboni.....and I am addicted to Juvia's Place Palettes...........

Yes...ever since I picked up the Masquerade palette from Juvia's Place, I have been loving them since and these palettes are no exception.  In my recent haul, I picked up the Magic Palette and the limited edition Zulu palette but missed out on the blush palettes because they were sold out at the time :(.  I am happy that I was able to get my hands on these babies and got a chance to play in them:

First, let me start off with the Magic Palette (Information below listed on the back of the box of the palette - $35.00):

"The Magic Palette was inspired by the moon and sun Goddesses of the wilds.  A beautiful fusion of cool and warm tones.  Vibrantly infused with 16 ultra pressed pigments, perfect for day to night time looks"

Out of the two palettes, this is my favorite one because I was attracted to the cool blue, purple, and green colors (which blue and purple are my favorite colors).  I also like the warm colors for an everyday look and just fell in love with the gold shade (Nubia).  Again, this is a large palette (same size of the original Masquerade palette) and it comes in 16 shades (10 shimmer and 6 matte shades).  This palette is very pigmented and has minimal fallout.  I didn't have any problems with applying the eyeshadows (very creamy) and blended very well:

Next, let me talk about the Zulu Palette (Information below listed on the back of the box of the palette - Limited Edition - $17.50):

"The Ambiance of the Zulu Eyeshadow Palette takes on a new character. It exemplifies the rich arts of the Ndebele people of South Africa, embodied with colorful symmetry and precision.  A limitless expression of self through eccentric hues, Earth tones, and exotic metallic shades."

I picked this up due to it being very colorful and bright.  Most of my palettes are neutral with hints of color so I decided to pick this up to go out of my comfort zone and play with more colors.  This palette is smaller than the Magic Palette and comes in 9 shades (3 shimmer and 6 matte shades).  To me, that palette is not as pigmented as the Magic palette but it was not the worst that I used (and for the price, it's not that bad).  Some of the shades you do have to build up the color but the payoff was beautiful.  The shadows are creamy and I just love the mixture of colors:

I love the design and the artwork of the women (which was always a big draw for me with these products) with both palettes.  For the size (and amount) of the shadows and the pigmentation of the colors, I recommend both palettes if you want to try them out.  If you are looking for more of an every day (day and night) type of palette, I would suggest picking up the Magic Palette.  If you are a lover of bright colors, the definitely go with the Zulu Palette.  Both are sold out right now (as of the date this blog post is posted) I'm sure the Magic Palette will be back.  I'm not for sure about the Zulu Palette since it was a limited edition eyeshadow palette but you can sign up for the newsletter through Juvia's place to keep you updated of all of their future makeup releases and news.  Overall, I do enjoy both palettes and again, recommend them:

To see live swatches of each palette and to hear a more detail review of both palettes, please check out my video below:

For more information about Juvia's Place, please check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  1. I have the masquerade palette and love it. I want more of their palettes!

    1. That is one of my favorites and their palettes are addicting

  2. Yesss, i just got my Nubian palette! love this.

  3. I have two of their palettes and the colors are so gorgeous and vibrant! I love the look you create here <3

    1. Thank you and Juvia's Place is one of my favorite palettes.

  4. LOVE the look you created at the end- giving me Fenty Galaxy tease! Will definitely be checking out these palettes!
    Tisha x

    1. Thank you so much and you should most definitely try them out....their palettes are the bomb!!!


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