Get Ready With Me: Fitness Edition


Hey guys, today I am bringing you a "Get Ready With Me" post about how I prepare myself before and after my workouts..........

On the days that I have scheduled my workouts, I have a routine in place to help me prepare for my exercise for the day and surprisingly it also helps with motivating me to work out.  I usually workout in the mornings (but sometimes, I do move it to evenings or nights if I am busy during the day), so first, I start off with picking out my fitness outfit:

First of all, I have to be cute, LOL, but I never knew by doing this, it really pumps me up for my workout (I took this tip from Fitness Trainer Shaun T., he says he does this to motivate him to workout).

I don't shower since I do it after my workout so I just go straight into my hair, face, and teeth.  I put my hair into a high puff (if it is not twisted) because I do not like hair touching me when I am all sweaty.  After that, I brush my teeth because of the mix of hot, stinky breath and Bueno!!!!!  After my teeth, I do a light facial wash using micellar cleansing water (I use the Garnier Micellar Water) to clean my face and then use the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Lotion as my moisturizer and acne treatment:

I don't do my full facial routine before I workout because I would sweat it all off so I save it when I hop in the shower afterward.  After I am done with my face and etc, I will change into my workout clothes and pick out the workout program that I want to do for that day.  Once I have chosen a program, I get the two most important things that I need for all of my workouts......water and my towel:

I can't workout without my water (I have to stay hydrated during my exercise) and the towel is my saving grace for all of my sweat.  It is a must for me to have both or I can't do my workout at all.

After I have killed my workout, it's time to eat breakfast.  I can't exercise with anything in my stomach (it makes me nauseous) so I wait until I am done to eat.  My breakfast is pretty simple and I have different meals of each morning just to change it up and to fuel my body.  Lately, I have been enjoying the Kodiak Protein Power Cakes for protein and it tastes pretty good:

After breakfast, I jump in the shower to clean myself off and do my full facial routine.  Once I am done in the shower, I am ready to begin my day.

Do you have a routine for your workout days?  If so, list them below in the comments........

Check out my YouTube video to actually see how I get ready for my workouts:

Until Next Time,

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