My First Water Challenge


I am doing my first water challenge because I have been sucking with my water intake lately..........

So these last few months, I haven't been drinking water like I should be doing.  I was barely getting in one cup of water some days and now I believe my body is feeling the effects from this.  I am starting to break out a little more, weight loss is moving slow, and I actually feel dehydrated some days.  I wanted to improve my water habits so I started a personal water challenge to get me back into drinking water more frequently and for its benefits:


My Blogpost on "Benefits of Drinking Water": Click HERE

I am starting this challenge off small and easy........only 1 week (so I can kick off this healthy habit) and 8 cups of water per day.  I am beginning today and will continue this challenge until next Monday (7/17/17).  Now this doesn't mean that when the challenge is over, I'm back to not drinking water....this just means I am doing this challenge to set myself for drinking more water every day and eventually, I want to work myself to the gallon-a-day challenge:

(Me practicing on drinking my water, LOL - Source)
I will be doing my updates on Instagram (please follow by clicking HERE) on how I am doing and keeping my water logs on there.  If you want to join my challenge or just to motivate me, please follow my IG (IG: FitnessandLipstickBlog) or use the hashtag (#FandLWaterChallenge) so I can keep up with your progress and cheer you on as well.  Here is my update for today and I am using the Grasshopper Water Tracker App to keep up with my logs:

If you want to join, please let me know in the comments below or on Instagram.  For a more in detail of why I am doing this challenge, please check out my YouTube video below:

Until Next Time,

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