Fitness Journey Update: How I lost Weight | 20 lbs Down


It has been a very long journey but I have finally put in the work this year and surprised myself by losing 20 pounds..........

If you have been following my blog for awhile, then you know I have my ups and my downs with my fitness journey.  I would be active and then fall off, or I would lose a couple of pounds and then gain it right back...........

For an example, here are some of my weight check in's that I posted on this blog:

(My first weigh in on my blog from 2015)

(One of my heaviest weight from late last year - 2016)
This year, I decided to turn things around to get serious about my fitness journey.  I started a YouTube Channel (Fitness and Lipstick) to document my weight loss and my overall fitness and to provide/receive motivation to keep going.  I still had my ups and downs but I was determined to not go back into bad habits and did things that were beneficial to me.  Here are my 5 tips that I used to help me finally to get back in shape and lose weight:

1st Tip: Eating in moderation:

(Portion Control)
This is the biggest tip that I can give to someone who is trying to lose weight.  I am not following any type of diet (low carb, low fat, no sugar, keto, vegan, and etc.) but I just continued to eat what I loved but just made it into smaller portions.  Yes, I would still have cheat meals here or there.....Yes, I would still eat sweets......Yes, I would sometimes not eat the healthiest options but I would keep the portion small and just make sure not to fall back into bad eating habits (huge portions, eating out all the time, and etc.).  I also cooked at home a lot more which helped me big time.  Even when I was craving pizza, cheeseburgers, nachos, or etc., I would make it at home so I could control my portion and control the calories content in my meals.

2nd Tip - Exercise:

(Examples of my workouts)
While eating in moderation is the most important tip, I do believe that exercise is important also and has a lot of benefits.  What I started doing was setting a schedule with my workouts and made it comfortable for me and my lifestyle.  I believe in the past, I was putting too much pressure on myself with trying to workout 6 to 7 times a week with each workout lasting almost an hour long.  Now, I only workout 4 times a week with my workouts lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes long (sometimes I will do an hour if I feel like it).  I spread my workouts throughout the week and mix it up ranging from cardio, strength training, HIIT, and others so I won't become bored and my body won't become used to doing the same thing.

3rd Tip - Patience:

This is the biggest thing that I had to learn this stop rushing progress and just be patient.  I was one of those people who wanted results in a week and I just had to learn that it doesn't work that way.  Finally, I can see how being patience has blessed me in the long run and also removed a lot of stress off myself.  Like I heard in the past, "You didn't gain all of that weight in one day so you will not lose all of that weight in one day."

4th Tip - Don't judge everything by the scale:

(My latest weigh in)
I have a love and hate relation with my scale but I have learned that the scale doesn't determine your whole overall weight loss/fitness progress. I learned to use the scale as a tool but also find other ways to show how my journey is going (the biggest was doing measurements to see that I was losing inches when the scale showed another thing).  I also did a lot of NSV (Non-Scale Victories) for progress which also helped me mentally that my hard work was actually working.

5th Tip - Use diet supplements as a tool only:

First, when I say supplements, I'm not talking about protein shakes, pre-workout drinks, vitamins, and things like that.....I'm talking about those dietary teas, weight loss pills, and etc.  So, let me put this out there.......I'm not saying that these teas, diet pills, meal replacement shakes, waist trainers, and everything else do not work.  I'm sure if I did, there will be a million other people that would disagree with me and say that it works.  I'm sure that it does but my whole process is will you have to take it for forever for it to continue to work.  I stayed away from a lot of these products (I will admit that I have a waist trainer) during my fitness journey because first, I wanted to see if I could do it on my own, and second, just to save money.  Another thing I wonder is what happens when you stop taking it? How is it affecting my body?  I see all of these products as a tool to help you maybe kick off your weight loss/fitness journey or to help you along the way as a short term solution but I just don't see people using this long term.  That's why I say to use it as a tool and nothing may help you for a short amount of time, but also have a plan of attack when you stop using them.

So those are my tips that I applied to my lifestyle to finally lose weight.  Believe me, I still have goals I'm still trying to achieve (like running my first 5K, getting in the 150's, and better overall shape) but I am happy with where I am at and where I am going:

(Left: 169 lbs, Right: 189 lbs)
Check out my new video where I go into more detail on my weight loss tips and future goals:

Until Next Time,

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  1. I am also currently on a weight loss journey. I was doing so well at one point, and then had an injury which set me back. I am trying to get back on track and focused, but I am not going to lie, it is hard at times. But I am slowly getting there. Thank you for sharing, your tips.

    1. Girl you will get there, just take your time. Sorry to hear about your injury because I know that sucks but will pray for you for fast healing.

  2. You go girl! This is nothing but hard work and dedication! You look amazing! Great progress and tips!

    1. Thank you so was a tough road but I am happy of my progress

  3. Congratulations! This is extremely inspiring! I'm currently going through my weight loss journey and I'm definitely keeping this article in mind!

  4. Great job losing weight! I am on a journey myself and just hit 18 lbs! High five!


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