1st Impressions: VivReal Thermal Silicone Sonic Facial Cleanser


If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that I have a series that is called "The Acne Diary Series" which I document products that I test and use for oily, acne-prone skin. Recently, I was able to test out a product that was sent to me by VivReal of their Thermal Silicone Sonic Facial Cleanser.

I was excited to try it out because I wanted to see how this will work within my facial routine and how well it would clean my skin.  I have tried a silicone facial cleanser in the past (I believe I purchased it from Ross or Marshalls) but I felt like it really didn't work as well and it stopped working within a week of me having it.

Information from VivReal:

  • ENJOY A FACIAL SPA & MASSAGE: Alternating hot to 107.6℉, the facial massager increase the permeability of epidermis, promote skin to absorb essences, accelerate metabolism and reinforce the regenerative course of tissue. The cleansing brush applies gentle pulsations to your skin using thousands of silicone micro fingers, which massage and exfoliate your facial muscles.
(Product on with heat - yellow light)

  • DEEP CLEANSING TO REVEAL PERFECT SKIN: Equipped with soft and trifling brush heads, deep cleansing and remove the dirt, oil, and dead skin, blackhead, shrink pores. Facial scrubber holding pores unblocked.

(Product on Deep Pore Cleansing setting - white light - pulses between fast and slow vibrations)

  • SONIC CLEANSING FOR SKIN THAT GLOWS: Applying the power of 10,000 Sonic pulsations per minute, VIVREAL sonic brush offers a mini-facial massage while it cleanses your face to remove 99.5% of dirt and oil as well as makeup residue and dead skin cells. This silicon brush is also perfect for T-Zone areas which are hard to clean. The facial brush massager release eye tension and skin pain
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Featuring a multifunction brush, the facial brush is perfect for every skin type. Soft touch points on the front gently cleanse sensitive skin such as the cheeks, while thicker touch points on the top of the facial massager offer precision cleansing around your nose and other oily areas.

  • A GENTLE TOUCH & ERGONOMICS DESIGN: Unlike the abrasive spinning or oscillating movements of conventional sonic skin care devices, our facial brush play through ultra-soft silicone touch points. Made entirely of medical-grade, the silicone brush is hypoallergenic and nonporous to resist bacteria buildup, resulting in a brush that is 35X more hygienic than standard nylon cleansing brushes.

Now I am a big fan of my original Clarisonic Mia and I always compare other facial cleansers to this because I feel it deeply clean out my pores and helps keep my face clear.  Since I use a prescribed acne medication at night and sometimes the Clarisonic can be a little strong for the medicine, I decided to replace my Clarisonic with the Silicone Facial Cleanser for my night time facial routine:

After washing my skin felt softer, felt clean, and it also didn't cause any irritation:

Next, after I applied my acne medication and serum, I use the device with my moisturizer so it can deeply penetrate my skin.

(This cleanser does not run on batteries (love that fact) and has to be charged through a USB cable which one does come with the product)
My thoughts....................First, I love the design of the silicone cleanser.  It fits perfectly in my hand, very lightweight, and how it is shaped helps me really scrub my face. It's waterproof (which can be used in the shower but not submerged underwater) and it actually heats up which feels good on my skin (doesn't burn or anything like that).  This can be used two ways, the front to actually clean your face with a foaming cleanser and the back to apply facial creams to your skin. The buttons are easy to push with the speed increases and decreases from 3 levels.  And one major plus with this cleanser is that since it's made from silicone, it's hypoallergenic so you will never have to replace the brush head.  Overall, I love the cleanser and will be adding it to my night.

The cost of this cleanser is $33.99 (on sale right now) which put it in the mid-range of facial cleanser.  The most comparable cleanser to this would be the Foreo Silicone Cleanser Brush which can range from $39.00 for the Foreo Play to $199.00 the Foreo Luna.

You can purchase VivReal Thermal Silicone Sonic Facial Cleanser at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0753FLVLC

For more information on VivReal, please check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter

**I purchased this product at a reduce price for testing purposes**

For a more in detail review of the Facial Brush, please check out my video posted below:

Until Next Time,

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  1. This product looks great and you gave a really thorough review! I could definitely use a cleanser like this in my beauty regimen...especially since the season has changed and my skin usually changes right along with it. I'll definitely look more into this. Thanks for this post!

    1. Yeah my skin changes in the fall/winter...I'm still oily but can get dry patches more when it's cold so using a facial brush helps with removing the flaky skin.

  2. This is an interesting product. I've never seen a thermal facial cleanser before. I would use something like this in the morning to wake me up lol

    1. This is my first time also seeing a thermal cleanser but it's a nice touch...especially now since the weather has been pretty chilly here in Texas.

  3. I recently had a bad break out and looking into facial cleansers and products and this has just caught my eye. and to add to it its pink. this is actually a nice review of this product.

    1. Thank you and I have to say that it's a pretty good facial brush.

  4. I didn't know thermal facial cleansers existed. It sounds like you had a good experience. This makes me very curious to try one!

    1. I didn't either...I heard of silicone facial brush but this is the first that I saw that was used with heat.

  5. This seems really interesting and I think I would try this out. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. It is an interesting concept, especially with the heat but I do enjoy it.

  6. I need something like this in my life! Your review definitely has me wanting to try this out! Adding it to my Christmas wish list! haha!

    1. I was actually surprised that I liked it so much and the heat was a nice touch.


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