80 Day Obsession Week One Update


If you read my 2018 goals blog post, then you will know that I was starting a new workout program for the new year called 80 Day Obsession by Autumn Calabrese.  The workout program last for 80 days (almost 3 months) with each day doing a brand new workout so you won't get bored and your body gets to experience something new.  The program officially kicked off January 15 on Beachbody On Demand and boy it has been a tough one.  Before I get into my first week, let me start off with my stats:

So I picked up some pounds during my vacation cruise and during the holidays so I have to get myself back together.  So for accountability, I am posting my "before" picture along with my starting weight:

(Starting Weight: 176.4)
Now onto the program which main focus is the core because you definitely feel it with every workout.  Most of the workouts are mostly strength training with about 2 cardio days and one stretch/rest day.  You will also need some sliders, weights, and strong elastic bands for the workouts (I have been using 5 and 10 lbs).  The first month is Phase 1 with you basically learning the moves and workouts and there is also a modifier in the workouts (which I used) if you can't do the regular moves (she makes it easier). So here is the breakdown of the workouts I did this week:

Day 1: Total Body Core

Even though the main focus is core strength moves, you can feel this with your whole body because....it's a total body workout.  This workout consists of weights which she recommends using different sets of weights for certain moves or if you start to before fatigue and the bands.

Day 2: Booty

Just as the workout is named...it focuses on your booty.  This workout uses the weights and bands in different moves and you will most definitely feel the burn.  I forgot to mention that most of the strength workouts this week are using the 2 sets, 15 reps system with each move.

Day 3: Cardio Core

I have to say that I really struggled with this workout because my core is weak.  This workout was a mixture of cardio moves with core moves in between using the sliders.

Day 4: AAA (Abs, Arms, and A$$)

For this workout, you will use all of your equipment and the focus is your arms, abs, and butt.  This was another total body workout for me.

Day 5: Legs

This was my favorite workout because I love working out my legs.  I felt the burn from the workout moves so I can't wait for my legs to become more toned.  This one uses weights and I recommend using heavy weights for this one (I plan on buying 15 and 20 lbs for this week Legs workout).

Day 6: Cardio Flow

For me, this was the hardest workout and we didn't even use any weights, bands, or sliders.  Maybe I was just tired and sore from the previous workouts but I really struggle badly with this workout.  Maybe next week will be better.....I also did my weigh in this week and lost 1 lbs :)

Day 7: Roll & Release

This was the shortest workout of the week which focused on foam rolling.  I never foam roll before but it hurt so bad (but in a good way).  I felt less sore after doing it but I will say that it wasn't easy for me.

Overall, I loved the first week of 80 Day Obsession.  It is a tough workout but I am glad that I was able to push myself because there were times that I wanted to quit.  I'm not following the program meal plan (one is provided with the fitness program) but I am eating in moderation.

If you are doing the 80 Day Obsession fitness program, how did you like it?  How did your first week go?

I will update you all next week with my week 2 report :) but you can catch me on Instagram (IG: FitnessandLipstickBlog) for more updates on the program. Here is a total breakdown of the program that I am doing:

Until Next Time,

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  1. Great blog. I a fitness junkie, so I’m so glad you’re getting back in shape. Good for you.

  2. This sounds like a very interesting workout plan, I am going to go over and check her out. Thank you for sharing and good luck on your 80 days.

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