How I Remove My Makeup Before My Workouts | Ft. Lavany Sonic Cleansing Brush


With my fitness routine, one important step that I take before I start any workout is to remove my makeup.  For me, I don't the feeling of makeup on my face when I workout and with the mixture of sweat and makeup, it always burns my eyes or gets into my mouth (yuck).  So I wanted to share my routine of how I remove my makeup before my workouts...........

First, I completely try to remove most of my makeup even before I wash my face.  I use three products but alternate between them.  I either use Micellar Water or use Coconut Oil with facial wipes.  I first put the coconut oil on my face first and rub it into my face to break down the makeup for easy removal.  Next, I use the facial wipe to wipe away the remainder of the coconut oil mixed with the makeup from my face:

Next, I use a facial brush with a cleanser to wash my face:

I usually use my Clarisonic Mia or the VivReal Thermal Facial Brush when I cleanse my face but recently I have been using the Lavany Sonic Cleansing Brush to help with deep cleansing my face:

I was sent the Lavany Facial Brush for review and I have to say that I really enjoy using the brush.  It really reminds me of my Clarisonic Mia since they both use a pulse motion (instead of spinning) to deep clean.  The Lavany Brush came with two brush heads (regular and sensitive brush) and a recharging dock (which means you never have to use batteries).  It also has three different speed modes plus a deep pore pulsing mode to let you choose your favorite.  Just like the Clarisonic, it beeps to let you know to change locations on your face to make sure you are cleaning your entire face (about a minute long).  I really felt like it did a great job with cleaning my face and it my face felt really smooth after using it.  I used this with the Soap & Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash when I wash my face.

After I wash my face, I use the PearlEssence Rose Water Facial Spray:

Since I don't use a toner after I wash my face (I save that after I workout), I spray my face to add back a little moisture and to help with dryness.

Lastly,  I use a moisturizer to help with dryness:

I use the L'oreal Hydra Genius Moisturizer and the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Moisturizer (not pictured) after I use the facial spray.  I don't use them together but alternate them to provide moisture but not clog up my pores.

So this is the whole routine of my makeup removal before my workouts.  I try to keep it simple and not use too many products since I know I'm about to sweat a lot.

If you are interested in the Lavany Sonic Cleansing Brush, you can purchase it here: (and use the code QGIH2WL4 to receive 15% off and it doesn't expire until the end of 2018)

Also, check out my new video that shows in detail how I use each product and more information on the Lavany Facial Brush:


**I received this product complimentary for testing purposes (DISCLOSURE POLICY) **

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  1. I love seeing what others use in their routines! I use spascriptions face wipes pretty often and I used to have a face brush kind of like yours. I need to find my clairsonic. Very fun read.

  2. I may have to look into that facial brush. It looks like it has a cover on it and that's what I've been searching for. Thanks for sharing!


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